WizTrader Pro: Your market analysis tool

WizTrader Pro is a comprehensive tool for analyzing the financial markets. It offers different modules for lines, signals, fills and trendlines, which can be configured through the settings menu.

The main feature of the WizLine is the adjustable reaction speed. The WizLine Reaction Speed drop-down menu allows you to set how fast the WizLine reacts to market changes: „Fast“, „Medium“ or „Slow“. The WizLine Display Settings menu allows you to control the display options for the WizLine.Testphase: Teste die WizTrader Pro Indikatoren-Suite jetzt 14 Tage kostenlos!

WizChannel & WizCloud
Here you can set whether the display should be a „Channel“ or a „Cloud“. You can set the visibility and transparency of the fills in the WizChannel & WizCloud Settings menu. You can choose whether to display the channel fill or the cloud fill. You can also set the colors and transparency.

Signal Settings
Trading signals are displayed by selecting them from the „Signal Display Options“ drop-down menu. Here you can choose between the signal types „Standard“, „Medium-Filtered“ or „None“ to determine which signals should be displayed. The shapes of the signals are controlled by the „Shape Display Options“.

Additional Functions

Trend Lines Settings: Enables the display and extension of trend lines in the chart. You can also select the style and width of the trend lines.

Pivot Lines Settings: Allows you to choose from different time frames, including Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly, Bi-Yearly, Tri-Yearly, Quinquennial and Decennial.

Momentum Label Settings: Displays a label based on the RSI, signaling overbought or oversold conditions, among others.

Reversal Points Settings: Allows you to display potential reversal points in the market.

Color Settings: Allows you to set the colors for the different indicators. You can choose colors for rising, falling and neutral trends. You can also set the transparency and color for special markers.

WizCillator Pro: Your oscillator tool

WizCillator Pro is an advanced technical analysis indicator. With numerous settings and customization options, it is ideal for monitoring market movements and identifying potential trading signals.

WizLine Settings
The reaction speed of WizCillator Pro is set in the „WizLine Reaction Speed“ menu and is adapted to WizTrader Pro. You can choose between „Fast“, „Medium“ and „Slow“, depending on how fast you want the indicator to react to market changes. Fast“ ensures a higher sensitivity, „Medium“ is a balanced average and „Slow“ leads to smoother movements. The width of the WizLine can be adjusted in the WizLine Width menu to control the visibility of the oscillator.

WizChannel Settings
Here you can adjust the visibility and transparency of the channel fills. You can also adjust the width of the channel lines and set their transparency. The Gradient Fill Settings menu allows you to make the same settings for the gradients.

Histogram Fill Settings
This option allows you to control the appearance of the histogram and its transparency. You can adjust the width of the histogram lines and the transparency to make the histogram more visible.

Signal Settings
The signal settings provide advanced options for obtaining visual indications of possible trading opportunities. The Shape Display Options menu allows you to choose which signal shapes to display, such as triangles that indicate possible entry points. The signal shapes are based on the movement of WizCillator Pro in interaction with the zero line or specific channels.

The display options for trend reversal signals can be controlled in the „Display Trend Reversal X-Cross Shapes“ menu, which provides the ability to display X-Cross shapes when WizCillator Pro crosses certain channel boundaries. This can help to detect early signals of a trend reversal.

Color Settings: Here you can set the colors for the different indicators. You can choose colors for rising, falling and neutral trends. You can also set the transparency and color for special markers.